Who we are

Handdruck is a creation of artistic-printer Martin Novak, based in 7th district of Vienna; the district of creatives, writers and thinkers at the most effervescent part of the city.

We are, though, a team of collaborating artist, friends, music lovers, free-style dancers and passionates about our work. Therefore, passionates about sharing all this with our clients!

The concept

Recovering old and artisanal work-techniques, old machines, as well as antique motives & illustrations, to let them see the light in the 21th century.

All of our illustrations are taken from old books, old publications and essays, mostly from 19th century (many of them originally woodcarved), to be then reproduced by screen-print in our in-house atelier.

Printing techniques

a) SCREEN-PRINTING (Normal Ink, Neon Ink, Metallic Ink as well as Discharged-Ink Technique)
b) LETTERPRESS with or without Ink (this last one resulting in motives coming out of paper just by shape/volume)

Our Letterpress machine

Superstar Original Heildelberg Tiegel (aka Heilderberg Windmill), built in Germany 1954